How to Prepare for Winter Weather ?

Winter can be a perfect time to indulge in cuddles and hot beverages. But the elements can be brutal. If you are not sufficiently prepped for it, it can be merciless. Mother Nature does not concede if you’re prepared or not. To avoid being at the mercy of winter elements, you can start prepping for the oncoming cold way ahead of time.

1.How to prep your homes and apartments

Proper insulation is perhaps the most important thing. Seal all holes and cracks that you see. Be particular around windows and foundations. Inspect the furnace and chimneys for proper functioning.

Blow out the underground sprinklers and separate hoses from spigots. Check the pipes for any possible cracks and insulate them with pipe wraps or foam covers.

Keep your roof in pristine condition. Remove the moss, and debris to discourage precipitation. Repair or replace parts such as shingles if necessary. Clean the gutters and repair it if it is required.

2.How to prep your wheels

Give your car a proper detailing just before the temperatures drop. This will take care of things like antifreeze concentration, charged battery, and installation of heater among others. A licensed professional can tell you whether you need an engine heater or studded snow tires.

Apart from that, have a look at the car’s manual. It will refresh your mind about the weight of oil required for winter. Whether or not to replace the lubricants and so on.

An emergency kit with blankets, hand warmers and steamer, must always be present in the car. Floor mats and a small to medium sized shovel are also essential.

If you make use of chains, make sure they are functioning correctly. Also, make a trial run to see how they fit and assess how quickly you can do it.

3.How to prep your clothing

Think layers in winter. Extra sets of coats, socks, and foot/hand warmers are a must. Opt for jackets and coats that are fleece lined for additional warmth. Woolen sweaters and coats are best. Windcheaters must be sturdy and have a hood to protect the head.

Blankets as well as long-sleeved shirts and tees, are essential. Good quality rubber boots will keep your toes from freezing. Woolen caps and head warmers will keep the heat loss to a minimum.

Thermal underwear in the form of leggings and long sleeved t-shirts will keep the body heat from escaping.

4.How to prep your pets and plants

Pets need extra nutrition as they burn more calories in an attempt to stay warm. For indoor pets such as cats and dogs and birds, store enough feed to last a week. You never know when the next delivery will be. Keep their time out in the open to a minimum. A warm sleeping blanket can be a great option.

For bigger animals such as a horse and other cattle, make sure to increase bedding. An additional straw will provide food as well as comfort from the cold.

For the plants out in the open, mulching is an excellent way to prevent injury from the frost and snow. Clear all debris before the cold days hit to prevent muck. Get rid of parts that are dying or infected. It can get worse after the snow is melted and gone. During the fall, pare all the perennials in the yard. It will keep them healthy and increase production in the next season.

5.How to prep for heat supply

Cranking up the thermostat is not the only option. If you use wood to provide heat, make sure you have enough stash. Also, remember to store them away from the main house. Bugs and rats will gather in hoards to get nearer to the heat. And it can aggravate allergies and other ailments.

If you think you need an alternative power source, you probably need one. A good quality generator is a great option. But get the hang of it before the cold comes barreling in.


Winter has its charms but the dark days and long nights can be depressing for many. For others, it can be a dreadful time of constant battle to start a car, stay warm or be comfortable. But with a little bit of consideration and preparation, there is no reason to fear the cold claws winter.

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