Winter Outfits to Wear to Stay Warm

The one great thing about winter dressing is that everyone looks good in it. There is no bulge to hide and no flab to conceal. You are engulfed in the warm cocoon of a chic trench coat or a down jacket. Any bulge peeping through can be blamed on the damned layers of clothing underneath!

But yes, you don’t just throw on a coat and expect the cold to keep off of you. Consider how you can dress more smartly for the cold.

1. How to dress for chilly weather

When the weather is getting chilly, ideally you want your outfit to keep you warm.

Top wear.

A long sleeved t-shirt made of cotton or other natural fiber needs to be worn next to your body. A medium to a heavy jacket made of synthetic fiber functions as an excellent outer layer. It should be warm enough to supplement the inner wear but sturdy enough to keep out the wind and cold.

A jacket or coat made of waterproof material is your best choice.

Bottom wear and shoes.

A trouser or any long pant made of natural fiber will do the job. Warm cotton or woolen sock inside a waterproof boot or shoe will keep your feet warm. The waterproof feature will keep off the moisture from accumulating.

2.How to dress for cold weather

As the temperature drops steadily, you will require warm hats and gloves to provide additional warmth.

Top wear.

T-shirts or tops made of lightweight materials are your best weapon. Put on two to three layers before you put on the outerwear. Work your way from the thinnest to the thickest.

The outer coat or a jacket is a wool coat or a trench coat. It will seal in the heat of the body while keeping out the wind as well as the snow.

Bottom wear and shoes.

Its time to whip out the thermal underwear from your arsenal. You want to have at least one layer of thermal bottoms before you put on your favorite trousers or jeans.

Thick socks made of wool or fleece is a must. As is the snow boots. It must be waterproof to seal and protect and keep your feet from freezing.

3.How to dress for extremely cold weather

The North and the South Pole are not the only places to undergo a permanent freeze. But during the extreme cold, the constant snowing should not prevent you from going out and having fun. There is a reason why ice skating rinks become overcrowded during the snow months. But to enjoy the gifts of winter, you need to dress for it.

Top wear

A minimum of three layers of inner wear is recommended. Start with a light T-shirt and work your way to a long sleeved shirt and so on — the more the layers, better the insulation.

The outerwear must be a heavy-duty jacket such as a parka or a down jacket. A fleece lined coat or jacket with a hood works best. It will insulate the body’s heat while keeping out the wind.

Bottom wear and shoes

The bottom part of the body needs equal sealing and protection. Lightweight leggings or thermal underwear must form at least two layers of insulation. They will keep the body heat and prevent your butt from freezing off. An outer layer of trousers must be layered on top to seal everything in.

It is time to make use of your winter boots or snow boots. The waterproof feature will keep out the wet snow while the soft lining keeps you warm. Warm woolen socks which go all the way up to your ankles or calves will supplement the functioning of the pants as well as the boots.

This weather demands additional accessories such as a snugly warm hat, and thick woolen gloves. To prevent your lips from cracking and your nose from falling off, you might need to throw in a face mask as well.


Armed with the right outfit, you do not have to stay cooped indoors while your friends have all the fun. Get your thermals, the warm accessories, put on that chic woolen coat and enjoy the crisp winter weather. Hang out with your buddies and enjoy the chill, literally.

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